The New Adventures of He-Man: A New Beginning E.1
The planet of Primus is in danger from constant attacks by the mutant residents of its sister world, Denebria. The planet's ruler, Master Sebrian, realises that the time has come to bring the power of the good and the way of the magic from the past to defend Primus against the Mutants. Two space pilots, Captain Hydron and Flipshot, are sent to the world of Eternia in the past to find the power to defend them. But when they reach Eternia, they wind up as prisoners of the evil Skeletor, when one of his men captures them. But when Skeletor learns of their mission, he tricks them into thinking that he is the force of good they are looking for. Meanwhile, Eternia's defender, Prince Adam aka He-Man, has been informed by The Sorceress of Grayskull that he must go to the future to defend Primus. He reveals his secret to his parents, then goes to Snake Mountain to stop Skeletor from tricking Hydron and Flipshot. He and Skeletor are engulfed in battle, and as the portal back to Primus is closing fast, Hydron and Flipshot decide to take both He-Man and Skeletor back with them, unsure of which one is the hero they need. Back on Primus, the two enemies continue to fight, until He-Man proves his worth when he stops a mutant attack. Skeletor forms an alliance with the mutants and retreats, and He-Man is accepted by Master Sebrian as the new defender of Primus.
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   (1990 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 20 Mins
Don Brown Garry Chalk Ted Cole Michael Donovan Tracy Eisner
Mark Hildreth Antony Holland Campbell Lane Scott McNeil Doug Parker
Video The New Adventures of He-Man: A New Beginning E.1

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