Pokemon (Master Quest): Rage of Innocence S.5 E.27
Since Ash, Misty and Brock are all trapped, Jessie and James decide to take advantage of the moment to catch Pikachu. They press the wrong button and it frees Ash and the others! Lance comes with Dragonite to help them. With Dragonite, they destroy Team Rocket's evolution inducement ray, and go off to save the Red Gyarados. With the ray destroyed, Gyarados goes on a rampage as it heads down the river towards Mahogany Town. It is now an all out race to stop Gyarados before it gets to town, or capture it in Team Rocket's case.
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   (2003 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
Madeleine Blaustein Mika Kanai Satomi Koorogi Rachael Lillis Daniel Nicodeme
Rodger Parsons Eric Stuart Veronica Taylor Ikue Otani
Video Pokemon (Master Quest): Rage of Innocence S.5 E.27

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