Beyblade Metal Masters: The Friends Name is Zeo E.34
Gan Gan Galaxy arrives in America where Masamune runs off to visit his old friend Toby. When he arrives at the hospital Toby is no longer present. While sightseeing Gingka and the others run into Masamune, who tries to leave and darts off to his old training area- Dungeon Gym. Gingka and the others follow him and learn about Masamune's past. As masamune gets ready to leave and track down Zeo and the HD Academy Zeo shows up at Dungeon Gym. Zeo gives Masamune the location where Toby is staying, but then he challenges Masamune to a beybattle. They go to a neutral bey arena where the two battle with all their hearts but stop before their special moves can be launched knowing that Toby needs to be present to watch the final blows. As Masamune and the rest of Gan Gan Galaxy head back to Dungeon Gym, Zeo is found saying he will never forgive Masamune. Why does Zeo have such a hatred for Masamune, his old friend? What is causing Toby's illness?
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   (2012 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 20 Mins
Video Beyblade Metal Masters: The Friends Name is Zeo E.34

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