Bakugan Battle Brawlers: BFF Best Friends Forever S.1 E.17
We briefly meet Klaus Von Herzon, the number two world ranked Bakugan player. He collects Bakugan, and obviously has his eye on Marucho's Bakugan, Preyus. Meanwhile, our heroes are exhausted from searching for the Infinity Core and are disheartened by their lack of success. Marucho and Preyus whip up a quick meal, which picks up everyone's spirits. Dan suggests asking for info on the Infinity Core on their website, despite the risk. Everyone eventually agrees, and soon they have a lead! They all fly to Germany and wind up in a huge castle, which belongs to none other than Klaus Von Herzon! Klaus challenges Marucho and Preyus to a Brawl, holding the Infinity Core for ransom. It turns out that Klaus is working for Masquerade, and a long Battle culminates in Preyus being sent to the Doom dimension! Marucho is shattered at the loss of his friend and we are left seeing Preyus floating in the void of the Doom Dimension.
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   (2008 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 22 Mins
Jason Deline Mitchell Eisner Julie Lemieux
Video Bakugan Battle Brawlers: BFF Best Friends Forever S.1 E.17

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