Pokemon (Indigo League): The Ancient Puzzle of Pokmopolis S.1 E.72
Ash continues his training for the Pokemon League by having a battle with Brock. When Jigglypuff randomly appears in the middle of the battlefield, Ash and Brock have Pikachu and Vulpix deflect their attacks. The resulting explosion unearths a mysterious looking thing. A girl named Eve immediately arrives to take the artifacts that they unearthed. She then explains that this must be the ancient city of Pokemopolis, and tells them about the story of the city. That night Team Rocket send Arbok into the ruins to find something. Arbok retrieves a black bar-bell looking object that sucks it along with Team Rocket into it. The next morning Eve's team find the object and are also captured in it. They it suddenly turns into a giant Gengar! Ash and friends run to make sure Eve is ok, but she is stuck in a trance from another one of the artifacts. The two artifacts combine together and turn into a Giant Alakazam. The two ancient pokemon begin to battle and threaten to destroy the surrounding areas. Now everyone must find some way to stop the fight.
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   (1999 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
Madeleine Blaustein Megumi Hayashibara Unsho Ishizuka Mika Kanai Satomi Koorogi
Rachael Lillis Daniel Nicodeme Rodger Parsons Aurelien Ringelheim Eric Stuart
Video Pokemon (Indigo League): The Ancient Puzzle of Pokmopolis S.1 E.72

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