M.A.S.K.: The Creeping Terror S.1 E.13
Location: Central American Jungle.  VENOM tamper with nature by genetically altering caterpillar eggs that hatch and unleash giant caterpillars. VENOM are using the giant caterpillars to clear away a certain area of the jungle to reveal a mysterious map-like inscription carved on the jungle floor. The map leads to the Hidden Valley, the location of an ancient source of great power - a Myan crystal. VENOM activate the power source, but MASK destroy it with help from the giant caterpillars and Brad's Hocus Pocus mask.
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   (1985 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 22 Mins
Doug Stone Mark Halloran Brendan McKane Graeme McKenna Sharon Noble
Brennan Thicke Jean Claudio Emmanuel Jacomy Thierry Ragueneau Martine Regnier
Video M.A.S.K.: The Creeping Terror S.1 E.13

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