Sailor Moon: Time Bomb S.1 E.6
In order to collect more energy, Jedite and his newest monster place a spell on alarm clocks that speed up time causing humans to spend more energy then they normally do. This also causes everyone to become slightly irritable. Serena also falls under the effects of the spell, causing her to become more adventurous then she normally is. Luna tells Amy about her suspicions with the clocks, and once they meet up with Serena, Serena and Amy go inside the clock shop to investigate.
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   (1995 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 22 Mins
Katie Griffin Jill Frappier Susan Roman Ron Rubin Vince Corazza
Emilie Barlow Karen Bernstein Linda Ballantyne Liza Balkan Terri Hawkes
Video Sailor Moon: Time Bomb S.1 E.6

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