Pokemon: Secrets from Out of the Fog! S.16.E.21
N has been injured in a battle with Team Plasma, and as our stunned heroes watch, two mysterious women appear and take him to a pool in the forest, where he is fully healed. Ash, Iris, and Cilan soon learn that N and the two women, Concordia and Anthea, have been living in a secret hideaway, where they take care of Pokemon that have been mistreated by people. N describes how, as a young boy, he lived in a mansion with Anthea and Concordia—and with Ghetsis, the leader of Team Plasma, who never allowed him to go outside. Ghetsis explained to N that because of his ability to hear the inner voices of Pokemon, he was destined to become the leader of Team Plasma and save the world’s Pokemon from selfish people. But, N says, Ghetsis was lying. He only wanted to use N in a ceremony to summon the Legendary Pokemon Reshiram—but when Reshiram showed up, it was very angry at the deceit and unleashed its fury on Team Plasma! In the aftermath, Anthea and Concordia rescued N and made their way to the hidden house where they live now. Now, N and his companions still agree that people are not to be trusted to protect the well-being of Pokemon, and they believe Pokemon need to be kept away from people. However, our heroes are determined to prove them wrong, and Concordia and Anthea are soon amazed to see the previously mistreated Pokemon warm up to the young Trainers! Soon, Team Plasma’s goons manage to track N to the secret house. Ash and friends battle them to allow N and his companions to get the injured Pokemon to safety, and Team Plasma is held at bay once again. Still, N, Anthea, and Concordia remain convinced that people and Pokemon cannot coexist, and so they bid farewell to our heroes and vanish into the fog. Ash and friends wonder if they will ever see N again...
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   (2011 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
Sarah Natochenny Bill Rogers Kayzie Rogers
Video Pokemon: Secrets from Out of the Fog! S.16.E.21

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