Sailor Moon R: Kindergarten Chaos S.2.E.6
Alan and Ann begin to target young children in order to collect energy for the Doom Tree. Meanwhile, Mina ends up visiting a kindergarten after she has multiple encounters with a young girl named Carrie who is being bullied. Mina agrees to take the kids home on the bus, but then Alan and Ann's cardian attacks! With all of the kids surrounding her, Mina can not transform. Thankfully Sailor Moon shows up and distracts the kids so that Mina can transform. However, the monster is too strong for Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus! How will they win and protect the kids?
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   (1995 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 22 Mins
Karen Bernstein Vince Corazza Tony Daniels Norma Dell'Agnese Jill Frappier
Sabrina Grdevich Katie Griffin Terri Hawkes Stephanie Morgenstern Toby Proctor
Video Sailor Moon R: Kindergarten Chaos S.2.E.6

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