Sailor Moon S: Driving Dangerously S.3.E.3
Tired of studying, Serena finds Mina at the arcade where they are introduced to the mysterious Amara and Michelle. Convinced that Amara is actually a guy, they follow her around until she visits her mechanic Anthony. It is revealed then, that Anthony is the next pure heart target. They transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus and try to take on the Heart Snatcher, but they are outmatched. Just when things look bad, two new Sailor Scouts show up! Will they be of help to the other Sailor Scouts and help them with the Heart Snatcher?
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   (2000 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 22 Mins
Liza Balkan Linda Ballantyne Emilie Barlow Kirsten Bishop Vince Corazza
Jill Frappier Katie Griffin Sarah Lafleur Jeff Lumby Barbara Radecki
Video Sailor Moon S: Driving Dangerously S.3.E.3

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