Spider-Woman: Games of Doom E.8
Jessica, Jeff and Billy are covering the U.S. team for the World Athletic Games in Moscow. The plane carrying the team is attacked in mid-air by another craft, with the whole crew disabled by a knockout gas. One of the athletes is kidnapped and taken aboard another craft. Spider-Woman rescues the athlete, unaware that he has been replaced by an android duplicate. At the games in Moscow, Bruce Thompson, the kidnapped competitor, proceeds to break all pole vault records by performing with apparently super-human strength. A Russian athlete is the next to be kidnapped and replaced by an android, and he too proceeds to break all weight-lifting records. Jessica decides to enter the games herself as a long-jumper, in order to discover what happens to the missing individuals. She too, is kidnapped and replaced by a duplicate, but she manages to escape as Spider-Woman, and discovers that every country now has a representative android carrying a gold medal. It is the plan of master criminal Jacques Le Rod, to take over the minds of everyone on Earth with the medals carried by the replaced athletes. Spider-Woman has to deal with her own replacement for Jessica, and disable all of the other androids before they take over everyone's minds.
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   (1979 )      Rating: G      Run Time: 21 Mins
Joan Van Ark
Video Spider-Woman: Games of Doom E.8

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