Spider-Woman: The Ghost Vikings E.4
Off the coast of Norway, a cruise ship is almost sucked into a whirlpool. With Jessica and her companions covering the Nobel Peace Prize conference in nearby Stockholm, it isn't long before Spider-Woman arrives to save the ship. Afterwards, she discovers that the whirlpool was caused by a sunken Viking ship. The old ship is raised by the sea authorities, and the press is invited aboard. Billy finds an old treasure chest and puts it onto the deck of the ship However, when Jeff opens it, it releases three malevolent Viking spirits. The journalists (including Jessica) are thrown into the sea. Soon, Spider-Woman shows up and rescues them before dealing with the Vikings and their ship. The Vikings' ship leaves Norway and travel to London where they begin stealing riches from the Tower of London. Jessica gets Jeff to fly them all to London, where she then confronts the Vikings as Spider-Woman. Unfortunately, she is captured and banished into the past ( the year 952 A.D., to be precise) where she confronts more Vikings in their own time. She discovers that the ghost Vikings were sent into the future to steal its riches. Spider-Woman has to defeat the Vikings of the past before they all go to the future as well and find a way back to the future herself to stop the ghost Vikings as well.
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   (1979 )      Rating: G      Run Time: 21 Mins
Joan Van Ark Bruce Miller Bryan Scott Lou Krugman Larry Carroll
John H. Mayer Vic Perrin Ilene Latter Tony Young Karen Machon
Video Spider-Woman: The Ghost Vikings E.4

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