Sailor Moon: An Uncharmed Life S.1.E.7
Jedite disguises himself as a temple worker named Jed in order to sell good luck charms that steal energy. Everyone who buys one of these charms then disappears on a bus near the Cherry Hill Temple. Serena, Amy, and Luna investigate and run into the temple's maiden, Raye. Raye says that she and her grandpa have nothing to do with the buses. Luna then senses something special about Raye. Raye later finds out that Jed is behind the buses, but falls into his trap. Serena confronts the monster bus driver, and along with Luna winds up in another dimension with Raye
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   (1995 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 22 Mins
Karen Bernstein Tony Daniels Naz Edwards Jill Frappier David Fraser
Katie Griffin Loretta Jafelice Mary Long Wendy Lyon Tracey Moore
Video Sailor Moon: An Uncharmed Life S.1.E.7

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