Sailor Moon: Computer School Blues S.1.E.5
Jedite's newest scheme involves targeting students who study hard by having them join a cram school and giving them a special disk that steals their energy. A new girl in school, Amy, has joined this school, and due to her intelligence and the fact that she has one of the special disks, Luna suspects that Amy might be a member of the Negaverse. Serena's disguises herself as a teacher and together with Luna, they head to the school to investigate. However, they may be in for a big surprise
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   (1995 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 22 Mins
Karen Bernstein Tony Daniels Naz Edwards Jill Frappier Julie Lemieux
Mary Long Tracey Moore Colin O'Meara Roland Parliament Rino Romano
Video Sailor Moon: Computer School Blues S.1.E.5

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