The Green Hornet Strikes Again! E.10 Blazing Fury
Crogan, infuriated by a story in The Sentinel that exposes racketeers, order the "heat" turned on Reid’s paper. Hoodlums attacking a Sentinel delivery truck leave behind a coat in the pocket of which Reid finds an envelope addressed to a man named Smith. As The Green Hornet, Reid calls on Smith, who confesses that an unfinished building is to be blown up because the builder refused to join the racketeers. The Hornet races to the building and surprises one of the racketeers, but he denies guilt and refuses to confess. Will The Green Hornet get this vital confession? Will he be able to stop the impending explosion?
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   (1940 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 19 Mins
Warren Hull Wade Boteler Anne Nagel Keye Luke Eddie Acuff
Pierre Watkin James Seay Arthur Loft Joe Devlin William Hall
Video The Green Hornet Strikes Again! E.10 Blazing Fury

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