The Green Hornet Strikes Again! E.9 The Tragic Crash
Crogan, racketeers leader, desperately needing "quick" money, gets an idea from an article in the Sentinel that marks Frances Grayson as their victim. Britt Reid, worried over the article in his paper, sends Axford to guard Miss Grayson. Axford finds the racketeers in possession and forcing Miss Grayson to sign large checks payable to them. Masked as The Green hornet, Reid overcomes one of the racketeers and Miss Grayson is making her escape when another racketeer opens fire. Suddenly the lights go out. Will Miss Grayson be able to escape form the greedy men? Will The Green Hornet expose the evil racketeers?
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   (1940 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 19 Mins
Warren Hull Wade Boteler Anne Nagel Keye Luke Eddie Acuff
Pierre Watkin James Seay Arthur Loft Joe Devlin William Hall
Video The Green Hornet Strikes Again! E.9 The Tragic Crash

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