The Green Hornet Strikes Again! E.7 Death in the Clouds
Our hero, Britt Reid, foe of the racketeers, sends two of his reporters to search the wreckage of a bombed warehouse. They find evidence linking the warehouse and the Grimbolt Steel Mills, where frequent suspicious accidents have been happening. Reid goes to the Grimbolt Mills to investigate, and barely escapes a serious accident. Convinced it was a deliberate attempt on his life, Reid, masked as The Green hornet, returns to the Grimbolt Plant, eludes the guards, surprises Weaver, a scientist secretly working on a highly dangerous anti-aircraft bomb. Will the Green Hornet obtain the evidence he needs to shut down the plant? Will he prevent the dangerous bomb from getting into the wrong hands?
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   (1940 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 17 Mins
Warren Hull Wade Boteler Anne Nagel Keye Luke Eddie Acuff
Pierre Watkin James Seay Arthur Loft Joe Devlin William Hall
Video The Green Hornet Strikes Again! E.7 Death in the Clouds

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