The Green Hornet Strikes Again! E.6 The Fatal Flash
Crogan, leader of the racketeers, sends Deluca with a crew running rifles over the boarder. Axford and Lowry become involved in an accident with the truck transporting the rifles. They identify Deluca, who is injured, and follow the car bringing him back to the city. Reid, as The Green Hornet, locates Deluca’s hiding place, and forces him to go with him to the warehouse where the rifles are stored. Crogan, fearing exposure, order his ace pilot to bomb the warehouse and with The Hornet and Deluca inside. Will the Hornet avoid the dropping bomb?
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   (1940 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 21 Mins
Warren Hull Wade Boteler Anne Nagel Keye Luke Eddie Acuff
Pierre Watkin James Seay Arthur Loft Joe Devlin William Hall
Video The Green Hornet Strikes Again! E.6 The Fatal Flash

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