Star Wars Droids E.11 The Roon Games
Mungo and the droids are shot down in their stolen Cloudcar over the planet Roon by Koong's drone pilots. The planet offers them many threats such as mud-men and a giant Shamunaar. Young athlete Auren Yomm comes to their rescue and Mungo decides to help her compete at the Roon Games. When Auren's Umbo racing team members Gee Long and Bix are drugged, Mungo and Threepio fill in for them during the Drainsweeper Race.
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   (1985 )      Rating: G      Run Time: 24 Mins
Anthony Daniels Jan Austin Graeme Campbell Rob Cowan Lesleh Donaldson
Don Francks Dan Hennessey Michael Kirby Peter MacNeill Eric Peterson
Video Star Wars Droids E.11 The Roon Games

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