Star Wars Droids E.10 Tail of the Roon Comets
The droids' new master, Mungo Boabab, plans to open up a new trade route to the Roon system and save his father's Merchant Fleet from financial ruin. While trailing the Rainbow comets over the planet Manga, his ship, Caravel, is high jacked by a tractor beam from the new Ambu light-station in the Cloak of Sith. Once aboard the station, Governor Koong mistakes Mungo for an emissary from Imperial Admiral Screed (an old enemy of Baobab). Koong had invited the Admiral to take a look at his illegal ware, including Mupple delicacies, the valuable explosive Nurgon 14, and the illusive Roonstones.
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   (1985 )      Rating: G      Run Time: 24 Mins
Anthony Daniels Graeme Campbell Rob Cowan Lesleh Donaldson Don Francks
Dan Hennessey Michael Kirby Peter MacNeill Eric Peterson Winston Rekert
Video Star Wars Droids E.10 Tail of the Roon Comets

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