The Green Hornet E.12 Deadline for Death
A wave of robberies is committed, all linked by the fact that each victim was interviewed by reporter Mike Axford. When Axford is found at one of the crime scenes and jailed on charges of murder, his boss Britt Reid sets out to uncover the truth. In his Green Hornet guise, Reid investigates a lead beginning with Ardis Ralston, a photographer working with Axford, and soon works his way up to the head of the operation. Testimony from Ralston could easily free Axford and convict the true criminal. However, capturing the crook without destroying their witness proves to be a difficult task.
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   (1966 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 25 Mins
Van Williams Bruce Lee Wende Wagner Lloyd Gough Walter Brooke
James Best Jacques Aubuchon Lynda Day George Pat Patterson Kirby Brumfield
Video The Green Hornet E.12 Deadline for Death

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