The Green Hornet E.10 The Preying Mantis
When a Tong war breaks out in Chinatown, Britt and the paper investigate and think that it's actually a protection racket moving into Chinatown. When someone calls him telling him is he wants to know what's going on he will send someone to a restaurant in Chinatown. When they get there they find a man knocked out in front of the restaurant and the place trashed and the owner beaten up. Britt tells Scanlon he has to find the man, Jimmy Kee cause he knows what's going on. Later Mike discovers that a known protection man meeting with one of the Tongs. Later a friend of Jimmy's tells Britt where he will be. They go there and find him. They're about to bring him to Scanlon when they learn that Jimmy's friend was kidnapped. They decide to hold Jimmy and go to the boss and offer Jimmy in exchange for money and the girl. But at the exchange, the Tong leader reneges and is challenged to fight Kato to the death.
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   (1966 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 25 Mins
Van Williams Bruce Lee Wende Wagner Lloyd Gough Walter Brooke
Mako Tom Drake Hal Yamanouchi Lang Yun Gary Owens
Video The Green Hornet E.10 The Preying Mantis

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