Sailor Moon Super S: Tutu Treachery S.4.E.18
Spurred by an open audition for the new ballet, "Giselle," Serena and Rini both try out, in addition to the other Scouts. Once there, the girls take notice that the director is heavily criticizing the head ballerina. While Serena and Rini console the rejected ballerina, Fish Eye, dressed as a fellow ballerina, successfully manages to convince the director to give the lead in the ballet to her instead, before commencing to attack him. As Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon try to interrupt, they inadvertently become Fish Eye's new targets
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   (2000 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 22 Mins
Liza Balkan Linda Ballantyne Emilie Barlow Jason Barr Sugar Lyn Beard
Vince Corazza Katie Griffin Daniela Olivieri Roland Parliament Benjamin Plener
Video Sailor Moon Super S: Tutu Treachery S.4.E.18

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