Wolverine and the X-Men E.12 eXcessive Force
The brooding, heart-sick Scott Summers is so desperate to find the missing Jean Grey that when he spots Harpoon, an old enemy of the X-Men, he goes berserk. Harpoon was an agent of the vile mutant geneticist known as Sinister, someone that Scott believes could be responsible for Jean's abduction. Now, based on nothing but his own suspicions, the out-of-control Cyclops forces his way up Sinister's ladder of command, one rung at a time. But the closer Cyclops gets to Sinister himself, the more danger he's in. Wolverine and the X-Men race to find him, but Cyclops is walking into a carefully laid trap. And it could already be too late.
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   (2009 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 23 Mins
Steve Blum Clancy Brown Susan Dalian Crispin Freeman Jennifer Hale
Danielle Judovits Yuri Lowenthal Vanessa Marshall Nolan North Andr Sogliuzzo
Video Wolverine and the X-Men E.12 eXcessive Force

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