Captain America: Super Soldier
two U.S. soldiers getting attacked by HYDRA forces. Captain America arrives to save them and manages to fend them off before contacting Howard Stark with regards to the new threat. While in communication with Peggy Carter, Captain America learns that the munitions recovered from the battle came from the mountains of Bavaria based on the rare metal used. Captain America is briefed on Project: Master Man and how Dr. Arnim Zola has unlocked the secrets of the human genome as one step towards immortality. He drops down in a village near the castle and disables anti-air forces so that the Invaders can enter the village. He then proceeds towards the armory in order to destroy the weapons before they are sold to the Nazis.
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   (2011 )      Rating: PG      Run Time: 71 Mins
Chris Evans Hayley Atwell Sebastian Stan Neal McDonough Nicholas Guest
Steve Blum JJ Feild Kenneth Choi Liam O'Brien Eliza Schneider
Video Captain America: Super Soldier

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