Pokemon (Indigo League): Pokmon, I Choose You! S.1 E.1
Ash Ketchum is finally old enough to finally become a Pokemon Trainer: 10. With all the Pokemon gone, Ash has no choice but to take a naughty Pikachu. As he goes on, Ash gets shocked by Pikachu several times. Trying to capture a Pidgey, Ash throws a rock, and it hits a Spearow... A flock of Spearows attacks them. The two meet Misty while fleeing and Ash steals her bike. In the forest, the Spearow flock catches up. Pikachu shocks every single one of them and uses most of its energy to save Ash from the angry birds. As Ash and Pikachu approach Viridian City, Ash sees the legendary bird, Ho-oh (though he doesn't know its name) flying in the sky.
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   (1998 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
Rikako Aikawa Veronica Taylor Madeleine Blaustein Rachael Lillis Mandy Bonhomme
Eric Stuart Ikue Otani Rodger Parsons Megumi Hayashibara Stuart Zagnit
Video Pokemon (Indigo League): Pokmon, I Choose You! S.1 E.1

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