Oban Star-Racers: Monstrous Like Muir E.18
The finals continue as the Earth Team has finally begun to catch up in the rankings. They soon face a bug racer, whose quest for the Ultimate Prize may not be so different from Molly's. Meanwhile, Don Wei is still haunted at the possibility that Molly may very well be his long-forgotten daughter Eva, and how such a possibility could effect the purpose of why they're racing in the first place.
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   (2006 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 23 Mins
Gabrielle Jeru Chiara Zanni Junko Noda Remi Caillebot Michael Dobson
Thomas Guitard Ron Halder Unsho Ishizuka Jerome Keen Hiroaki Miura
Video Oban Star-Racers: Monstrous Like Muir E.18

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