The Tick: Sidekicks Don't Kiss S.3 E.3
The Deerfield Aztecs, a baseball team, crashed in Mexico and formed their own lost tribe of real Aztecs. They track their missing shortstop, Carmalita (Arthur's girlfriend) to America but grab Arthur instead. When the Tick and Carmalita pursue, the Aztecs and their leader Wally unleash "Speak", some kind of lowly animal that they intend to wed Arthur to. Tick takes a shine to "Speak" (as he names him) and he defeats the Aztecs and rescues Arthur.
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   (1996 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 20 Mins
Townsend Coleman Rob Paulsen Cam Clarke Jess Harnell Philip Austin
Peter Bergman Jennifer Hale David Ossman
Video The Tick: Sidekicks Don't Kiss S.3 E.3

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