The Tick: Bloomsday S.2.E.6
El Seed has returned and this time he wants to destroy the whole city by making a 400-year flower bloom in "the bad way". This flower will bloom in this "bad way", when there is no music around. But when Professor Ichibana, owner of this rare and amazing flower, switches flowers with The Tick and Arthur, these accursed superheroes are tossed in El Seed's salad once again. El Seed creates Rosebud, a plant monster who manages to steal the flower from Arthur. El Seed makes the flower bloom in "the bad way", but even he cannot control its powers. Only the Tick's opera singing can save the City now.
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   (1995 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 20 Mins
Townsend Coleman Rob Paulsen Cam Clarke Kay Lenz Jess Harnell
Ed Gilbert Pat Musick
Video The Tick: Bloomsday S.2.E.6

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