He-Man: Teela's Quest S.1 E.6
When Prince Adam is watching Queen Marlena's memories on Man-At-Arm's latest invention, the memory projector, and learning his mother was a space pilot from Earth who crash-landed on Eternia. Teela arrives and is looking for Prince Adam who is late for combat maneuvers. Teela decides to use the memory projector and learns Man-At-Arms is her adoptive father who raised her when she was a child when her real father, a brave soldier, died in battle. Teela decides to set out to discover who her mother was, sets out to the Crystal Sea in search of The Oracle who hold's the identity of Teela's real mother. But Skeletor's henchman Merman sets out to settle a score with Man-At-Arms for defeating him years ago and summons Bakull, a sea monster to destroy Man-At-Arms. Will The Orcale reveal the identity of Teela's mother?
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   (1983 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
John Erwin Alan Oppenheimer Linda Gary Lou Scheimer
Video He-Man: Teela's Quest S.1 E.6

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