He-Man S.2 E.1 The Cat and the Spider
Prince Adam and Melaktha investigate the Temple of the Cat, where He-Man retrieves a mysterious feline statue after enduring several magical obstacles. A spy for the Cat People reports the incident to King Paw, who sends his emissary, Kittrina, to the Royal Palace. After a bungled theft by Kittrina, both she and Teela watch as Webstor steals the statue. He-Man follows Webstor to Snake Mountain, but is separated from Battle Cat and overpowered by Skeletor. Teela and Kittrina team up to save He-Man. It becomes a race against time as Skeletor plans on revealing the power held within the statue. Can the combined forces of He-Man, Teela and Kittrina stop a creature after Skeletor releases it from the statue?
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   (1984 )      Rating: Y7      Run Time: 21 Mins
John Erwin Alan Oppenheimer Linda Gary Lou Scheimer Erika Scheimer
Video He-Man S.2 E.1 The Cat and the Spider

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